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The Torpedo C.A.B. M («Cabinets in A Box»)…

… is the missing link between the guitarist’s rig and the PA or an audio interface. Use the best cabinet simulator (« cab sim ») available or load your own IR files.

The concept

You love the sound of your carefully chosen pedals interacting with your amp.

With the Torpedo technology, the tone you created is faithfully sent directly to the PA or the audio interface with consistency at any show, studio session or rehearsal.

At last, end the hassle of cables, mics and poor room quality that prevent your tone to be at its best.

Torpedo C.A.B. M delivers the cab sim every player has been looking for, in a compact pedalboard friendly size.

Go direct to the PA and the audio interface from your pedalboard with Torpedo C.A.B. M and create a lightweight rig. Use it as an amp DI between your amp and the cabinet to send your true tube tone to the PA. Pair it with Torpedo Captor to practice your tube amp silently at home with headphones.


1- Parameter/Preset Encoder

2- Value/Volume Encoder

3- OLED display screen

4- Amp/Instrument/Line input

5- Speaker Output (!!when an amp is connected to the AMP input, the related cabinet has to be connected to the SPEAKER output of the pedal!!)

6- Input level sensitivity

7- USB for Remote application

8- Mains power adapter connector

9- Headphones output

10- Auxiliary input

11- Ground lift switch

12- Balanced XLR D.I output

13- Balanced TRS jack output